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You don't get to choose how you're going to die.Or when.You can only decide how you're going to live

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building a site is not an easy thing to do .. and it's not expicted to be visited by alot of people .. specially with the amazing sites that are built by experts ...

but when a personal site is built .. it's all about you and your life .. so you try to fill it with what your life is filled with ..

favorite band



after their 1st album i choosed maroon 5 to be my favorite band , i can bet they'll continue their success.. and that's what i hope


Hold a second , is that Green day ? They are awesome and i guess you recognized that i love rock Music the most , well they are my Second fav. band , i thought it was Keane ???!!

What's New?

I wrote about myself more in the ((about me)) page >>

I had a woderful holidays since the summer and until now .. because I belated this college year to the second semester .. it's not that I wanted to but the circumstances wore against me .. travelling and stuff.


2007 was pretty much a normal year .. Everything was going in an average line without surprises .. Generally talking I mean politically and with me ..


But the thing is I met the most amazing girl .. that not normal at all .. I really love her and I hope we'll complete our life together.


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